Dumpster Veyor

img9The Dumpster-Veyor is a patented container handling system designed to facilitate even distribution of deposited material. Used in many WWTP applications, a roll-off container is positioned below a fixed filling source and is filled with grit, screenings or sludge creating a pile in the center of the container, leaving the ends empty.

The Dumpster-Veyor Container Handling system moves the roll-off container forward and reverse to allow even distribution of material being deposited into the container.

The equipment can be installed in NEMA 4X Wash Down environments or NEMA 7 Explosion proof hazardous environments. Materials of construction can be A36/A56 Carbon steel or 304/316 stainless steel. Control systems can be operator push button controlled, or automated.

This engineered solution brings and level of safety and efficiency to the container loading area.

Dumpster-Veyor Resources & Specifications: