About Us

D.R. Cordell & Associates, Inc. was founded nearly half a century ago by David R Cordell, an innovator who used his craft and skill solving material handling problems for customers. In 1968 the company began selling and servicing cranes and hoists for industry including products from Twin City Monorail Cranes and Monorails, Low Head Hoists, Morris Wheeler Canes, Conco Cranes, as well as other material handling products associated with the lifting industry.


Steady growth has provided a solid foundation from which the company continues to grow. Today Cordell designs, engineers and manufactures Top Running Bridge Cranes, Under Running Bridge Cranes, Runway Systems, Monorail Systems, specialized Dumpster Handling Systems and custom lifting and moving machinery. We continue to provide and service major brands of Hoists, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Crane Controls, Radio Controls, Hoist Parts and Below the Hook Lifting Equipment and accessories on the market today. We have developed a solid and growing base of repeat customers in both our sales and service areas, some having been with us since our beginnings.

Our mission today is to be the best qualified source of information, services and equipment for our customers, and to deliver the same with a level of professionalism and quality that distinguishes us as a leader in our field.