When businesses need an efficient, cost-effective alternative to manually moving large roll-off containers, the Dumpster-Veyor from D. R. Cordell is the answer. The Dumpster-Veyor is a patented container handling system designed to evenly distribute material into a roll-off contaner.

Containers are unloaded from the truck onto the Dumpster-Veyor with no modifications to existing methods or equipment required. Once unloaded, the container is moved forward or backward under power to achieve even distribution of material. Once filled to desired capacity, the evenly-loaded container is ready for removal.

This unique container handling system:

  • reduces labor
  • requires less labor
  • lowers building costs
  • Improves safety
  • lowers operating costs
  • Reduces odor control costs for WWTP Operations

The system comes with lifetime lubricated sealed bearings and available options include NEMA 4x and NEMA enclousers, automation, and stainless steel components.


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